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Janie & Aaron Does Hollywood
Janie & Aaron Does Episode 501
May 01, 2018 Janie Haddad Tompkins & Aaron Ginsburg
In this historic revival of the classic comedy podcast, Janie and Aaron are reunited at long last. Janie attends the hottest movie premiere of the year only to end up eating dinner at a trash can, Aaron gets a new dog only to realize that they require multiple daily walks outdoors (!), and the duo agree to adopt an orphan child when they’re both fifty. Plus, does flossing really work, and who just discovered a lost BitCoin fortune? Gotta question for Janie and Aaron? Tweet @JanieHaddad and @DrLawyercop (or email janieandaaron@gmail.com). Jingles by KatParsonsMusic.com. Logo by AllOneWordDesign.com.
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