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Janie & Aaron Does Hollywood
Janie & Aaron Does Hollywood, ep 2.12
January 17, 2018 Janie Haddad Tompkins & Aaron Ginsburg
Originally aired May 7, 2012 Janie intends to produce an indie feature where she accuses Kevin Spacey of being a pedophile, Aaron intends to accuse Janie of phoning in the birthday gift she bought him, and the duo make plans to seek asylum in foreign countries for crimes they haven’t yet committed. Plus, should handshakes be outlawed? And is three miniature hamburgers really better than one normal sized one? Gotta question for Janie and Aaron? Tweet @JanieHaddad and @DrLawyercop (or email: janieandaaron@gmail.com) Like us on our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/JanieandAaron). Jingles by KatParsonsMusic.com. Logo by AllOneWordDesign.com
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