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Janie & Aaron Does Hollywood
Janie & Aaron Does Hollywood (Paul F. Tompkins), ep 23
January 17, 2018 Janie Haddad Tompkins & Aaron Ginsburg & Paul F. Tompkins
Originally aired November 6, 2012 Janie opens a super surprise birthday gift from Aaron, Aaron opens up about his super secret past as an actor, and super star Paul F. Tompkins pops by for for some super snap judging. Plus, just how gross is mayonnaise, just how worthless are real housewives, and just what makes Paul F. Tompkins storm off our podcast in a fit of rage?! Gotta question for Janie and Aaron? Tweet @JanieHaddad and @DrLawyercop (or email: janieandaaron@gmail.com) Jingles by KatParsonsMusic.com. Logo by AllOneWordDesign.com
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