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Janie & Aaron Does Hollywood
Janie & Aaron Does Hollywood, ep 13
January 17, 2018 Janie Haddad Tompkins & Aaron Ginsburg
Originally aired August 21, 2012 Aaron learns you shouldn’t live tweet jury duty (the hard way), Janie learns James Franco has a right to act on a soap opera (the hard way), and the duo disprove every single hiccup remedy. Plus, is anything more insufferable than double bagging one’s groceries? Gotta question for Janie and Aaron? Tweet @JanieHaddad and @DrLawyercop (or email: janieandaaron@gmail.com) Jingles by KatParsonsMusic.com. Logo by AllOneWordDesign.com PS Aaron's Tumblr that we reference in this ep: http://aaronginsburg.tumblr.com/post/4237639274/12-angry-twitterers
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